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Charlie is at home with Molly!! 2010
Marilee found her perfect friend in Pip the Pup! It was love at first sight I  tell ya!
Pumpkin with her big sister at the Wolanski home! 2010
Mia goes to live with the Hyzy family in PA.!
Benji and his family-the Browns!! 2010

The Ortiz couple loves thier new baby Sachi!! 2009
Marley goes to be with a wonderful couple of kids at the Tisevich home!!!   2010
This puppy was a wonderful surprize for  the Grove children!!   2009
Gizmo goes home to Illinois with Sonia Ohmae!!  2009
Lacy Spencer with her kids and kitty friend!! 2009
Molly was just the ticket for Louella!!! What a sweet match this is!! 2010
Sammy at home in-you guessed it- PA!! it seems this pup was made just for them!! 2010
This little girl went to go live at the Madden home - Rileys got the life!! 2010
"We just saw the picture of our family and our new puppy, Mia on your website. We're absolutely thrilled with her!!! She's sound asleep right now and pretty much glued to our little son, Carmen. She's kind of catching on to going potty outside. We are so happy to have her join our family and love her very much!"
Sadie Italiano and Giggi seem to 
have hit it off from the start! 2011
Allison made a good choice with this little guy! 2011
Pat and her family named thier little girl Cricket! Thats cute! 2011
Bentley flew to Maryland! He made it safe and sound to Jean,happy to be on the ground again!2011
O.K. You tell me what is the cutest,the kids or the puppy? Thanks  to Nora for making the puppy and kids day!