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Dearest Bonnie & Glen,

First up, we want to say how lovely you both are! So great to have met you both! Such wonderful people to know and I oh so miss your pups!!

We would like to say how elated we are in having 'WySun Imperial Peanut' in our family! He has been the biggest joy and keeping us busy with much laughter. 

Our handsome boy had an appointment for shot on the 17th and he had gained 10 ounces, was 2.2. I know he has gained another 3-5 ounces this past week and a half! He is growing so fast but still tiny! Our next appointment is November 7th and can't wait to see how he's doing.

Been to Bo's a couple of times, took 2 tries to get the right size coat for those chilly days. Even have a sweater that he loves and a pair of red jammies to wear on those chilly days in the house. hahahaha 

Peanut is so smart! He's doing a few commands and tricks like jumping through our granddaughters hula hoop. When we ask him to talk ... he talks, especially on speaker phone with his daddy. lol We are still working at the leash, but am sure he will pick up soon enough. Once he sees the back yard, it's off the leash and run, run, run! 

My husband made a ramp for the sofa so he could get up himself as well as a ramp for his 'room with a view'. He loves to be in the window to see his daddy go to work in the mornings and to watch the neighborhood. The neighbors love seeing a 'doggie in the window' again!! He also runs down the ramp to back door when he sees his daddy come home! When I'm gone (or both of us), we ring the doorbell and he comes running to the back door so excited to see me (us). Such a great feeling to have someone greet us once again.

Again, we thank you and love you both for the great joy we've received! Think of his brothers often and pray the owners are having as much joy as we are!! We are no longer lonely, just exhausted from all the playing/running around. lol

All Our Love and Miss You,
Karen and Larry Witmer

PS....attached is a new pic of our 'Pup In A Cup' taken 10.21.16

Hi Bonnie,
Hope all is well with you. Was wondering if there is a specific age to take Josie for her 1st grooming session. As you can see her hair has really grown & brushing her is quite an adventure. Just wandering when you give your pups their 1st grooming.

Kathy Hartle